NOUS42 is made up of the Greek word NOUS, which basically means human mind and imagination. More specifically, it describes the mind’s ability to grasp and recognize truth.

The old Greeks used NOUS as well to describe the mind’s awareness, which forms part of the greater universal awareness and therefore represents the original power behind all existence.

On the other hand, the number 42 is combined with NOUS, the magic number of Marathon, which inspires millions of people to dare great things in their workout.

The combination of these two aspects defines our founding vision:

If you can imagine it, you can achieve it.
(William Arthur Ward)

We believe in creating a new sports brand that supports people in envisioning great things. We are determined to do our very best to live up to this vision.

We are convinced that functional sportswear requires the highest level of quality. We tested our products in extensive test phases with top athletes from Southern German running team LG Northern Black Forest until we got to the level of quality that met our requirements.

Who are we?

Sandra and Peter – a couple passionate about sports. Sandra loves all kinds of sports, including CrossFit, swimming or running. Peter is a running enthusiast – he won the Leipzig Marathon in 1999 and the Black Forest Marathon in 2000 and 2001.

Our mission is to produce running apparel that supports our customers’ goals to achieve great things.

We do not settle for anything but the highest quality, that also goes for our production method: we produce exclusively in Germany and Poland. Even our fabrics come from the European Union (Spain, Italy, Poland and France).

NOUS42 guarantees top-quality running apparel made to accompany runners on their way to great goals.